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4th of july style guide

Trendy Summer Patriotic Style Guide

For our trendy summer patriotic style guide this 4th of july,we recommend layering with red, blue and white. We encourage you to explore new possibilities outside the typical flag outfit. How about this Kea Suit representing the fire works of the independence day! Perfect for a pool party or beach side bbq.

Location is key when choosing your outfit. Whether you are spending your day watching the fire works with your friends/family, hosting a pool party or going for a beach bbq. The key is to have a comfy effortless option that reflects your pride, personality and style. One of my favorite options is wearing a flowing dress paired with a trendy bikini like our Bali monokini or Cabo suit. You don’t have to be so literal, so choosing shades of red and blue will always reflect the patriotic side on you. You can always add flag or star details on your accessories to make it more chic while always keeping a good balance. If you are all about wearing flag accessories, a good idea will be to wear a white dress or top and pair it with the flag accessories or coordinates.

Here are some ideas!

What are you wearing this weekend? Share your ideas here!

Happy Independence Day! Xoxo

orange splash

Splash Into Spring “50 Shades of Orange”

Palms, coconuts and bikinis its all we need now until the end of summer. “We feel as though a bikini is more than just a swimsuit to wear at the beach, the bikini embodies a lifestyle of freedom, travel expressionism and relaxation” -A Bikini a Day-

Our stylist pick of the week, its our vibrant orange Puka Reversible Suit. This bikini represents the many symbols of freedom with its print and self expression with its vibrant orange color. By combining orange, white and salmon, we are creating an inviting, exciting, modern and warm color story.

In addition, the color orange is considered the new black: its hot, healthy, fruity and engaging. In nature, its the color of vivid sunsets, fire, vegetables, flowers, fish and many citrus fruits. It symbolizes energy, vitality, cheer, excitement, adventure, warmth and good health. However, it may also suggest bad taste if you don’t pair it appropiatelly. Dark oranges offer comfort, while lighter ones are soothing and healthy. People either love it or hate it.

Designing with orange:
Dynamic – complementary color scheme (orange/blue)
Exceptional – Triad color scheme (orange/ green/ purple)
Modern – (orange/ white)

Stylist Pick: Catarsis Swimwear, motel skylar mesh cover up, surf gypsy by vintage Habana crotchet shorts, Illesteva palma beach sun glasses, coconut beach face scrub, Varaschin summer set chair, Hat attack Raw edge fedora

Have fun mixing your wardrobe this spring!

wanderlust presentation announcement

Fashion, Bikinis & Cure Runway Show

Gilt Nightclub, Orlando FL

Come join us for a night of charity, fun and fashion. StyleFX swimwear fashion show Benefiting Fashion Funds a Cure in support of The Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Catarsis Swimwear will unveil Spring/Summer Collections designed for a classy women that isn’t afraid to stand out in a bikini, to travel the world and to enjoy life to the fullest.
“Wanderlust Collection” entails a variety of cuts that appeal to Catarsis design philosophy. The goal is to always find the perfect balance between high fashion and mainstream fashion to create a comfortable and trendy piece with its finest quality.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to shop our collection at a trunk show following the runway.


Sale representatives

Sale Representatives job openings Orlando, Miami, Tampa


Catarsis Swimwear is a cutting edge brand, designed to fulfill the desires of a trend setter woman that feels confident on a bikini. All goods are manufactured in Colombia with the finest Italian lycras.
Looking for experienced Independent sales representatives in Miami, Orlando and Tampa.

• Must have minimum 1 year of sales experience in the territory with existing brands
• Strong knowledge of swimwear retail.
• Ability to manage time efficiently.
• Strong communication and organizational skills.
• Self starter and motivation.
• Ability to recognize sale opportunities based on current trends.
• Base pay + Commission 1st month. Commission only after that.

• Presenting clear and persuasive product presentation to retailers.
• Pursuing new accounts and expanding overall account base in territory.
• Attend applicable regional and national trade shows.
• Initiating and maintaining store relations.
• In person store visits and phone calls.
• Project sales with the designer.
• Fulfill sales goals.
• Collect, consolidate and present sales.

If you think that you have what it takes to fulfill this position, please send resume, references and the reason why we should hire you for this position.

Looking forward to hearing from the right candidate! xoxo


Behind the looks of a winner athlete

Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough time to reach those extra goals and activities outside your normal routine? The good news is, we all face the same obstacles in one way or the other. What do some people do different than others? Top level athletes, successful business people and achievers in all fields all set goals. They are just as busy and tired as we are. They set organized routines, they have perseverance and they envision clear personal goal settings. Setting goals gives you a long term vision and short term motivation. It focuses your activities and helps you organize your time and resources better.
Today, I spoke to Nikki Guidish. Find out how she manages her life successfully! Enjoy …

1.) DAILY ROUTINE: Most of my mornings are fairly hectic just trying to make it to my classes on time, but i always make sure I squeeze breakfast in! Weather I’m eating while I throw on my make-up, running to the car, driving to school , as long as i eat it, I know I’ll perform better both physically and mentally the rest of the day!
2.) SHORT TERM GOAL SETTING: What I’ve found works great for me is making a list of short term goals for the day. As I mentioned, I have a very hectic schedule and can get overwhelmed easily if i think of EVERYTHING I need to accomplish during the day in one snapshot in my head! But when I break it down into a list of individual tasks that need to be done, I cross them off one at a time- and before I know it, I’ve completed everything on the list, and most importantly, stressed over nothing! And as we all know- there is not so much as ONE benefit derived from stress- so do yourself a favor and eliminate it from your life!
3.) WORK OUT ROUTINE: I try to get some type of workout in every day. Mainly because it gives me more energy to get through each day! Ideally, 5 days a week I like to get full gym workouts in and give my body 2 days of lighter workouts to let my muscles recoup.
4.) PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: I believe in moderation. Being too strict with your diet can cause you to self sabotage. Everybody is going to cheat a little or binge from time to time, and you need to know that it’s not the end of the world if you do! Don’t let that start you on a downward, out of control spiral. The most important thing is you get back in the game and keep moving forward. Those extra calories you splurged on will be burned off in one or two workouts so don’t waste time feeling bad about it!
5.) BALANCE: Show me a happy person, and I’ll show you a person who has learned to fit a little bit of everything on their plate and can enjoy a taste of each item on it! Fill your plate with only one or two different items and I guarantee you’re going to get sick of them in a hurry! Make sure family, friends, fitness, work and whatever else is important to you has a spot on your plate and you’ll be able to enjoy all life has to offer you!
6.) FITNESS: I’ve always been a fan of the fit, but not too muscular physique, but recently I’ve been kicking around the idea of putting a little more muscle on. I was fortunate to compete in the 2014 Tampa Pro last year and placed first in novice and 2nd in short division (I’m 5’4″). I prepared my workout routines, so i would have the long, lean muscular look and fortunately, that is what the judges were looking for and it paid off. In the next few months, I’ll be entering a few more tournaments as I need one more win to get my pro bikini card. I’m thinking I may change my look and go a bit more muscular in these tournaments and see what happens. This will require a change-up in my eating and workout routines. My calorie count will be going up as well as my max weight lifting loads- but that’s the fun part of fitness! You’re like a piece of clay and you can sculpt yourself however you see fit!! If i don’t feel comfortable with this new look, I can change my diet and workout routine as many times as i need to to get the look I’m happy with!
7.) LIFE: I’m studying Pharmacology at USF and have 3 more years of graduate school before I will receive my degree as a Pharmacist. The class workloads are very demanding and leave me little free time, but I feel if i put in the time and effort now, I’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of having a great career for the rest of my life.
8.) I feel that I have been very blessed with great family and friends and opportunities to work with such great and talented companies as Catarsis Swimwear. Thank you so much for allowing me to model your incredible line of swimwear- you are an amazing wife, mother and entrepreneur- you are the epitome of balance!!! xoxo

Baldwin park living magazine

Bikini obsession turned into a global business

Last August, I had a pleasant visit on my showroom. Baldwin park living magazine editor Brittni Larson got curious about my business and came to my showroom. She got the opportunity to learn the insides and outs of the swimwear business.
The visit turned out into a cover story “Swimwear with a latin flair” for a Baldwin park mom story that turns bikini obsession into a global business.

I am beyond thrilled to have made it to the cover of Baldwin Park Living magazine. The magazine, brings community awareness to Baldwin residents. Brittni and all the contributors are doing a terrific job finding local stories that brings people together and helps local entrepreneurs.

To learn more about the magazine and the August issue visit:

laura beers

Most Effective Diet and Workout Routine from the Expert, Lauren Beers!

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of working with bikini competitor, personal trainer and business owner at Elevate Nutrition, Lauren Beers. While we were working, I was able to get some information from her, about her goals and tips to keep a healthy and toned body. Whether you are preparing for a competition or just want to keep healthy habits in life. These tips will help you achieve fitness and health goals.
In the upcoming year, if you see a poster with Lauren wearing Catarsis swimwear in the street, don’t be surprised. She has been selected as our new campaign girl for 2014-2015. Check out her interview and let us know what you think! xoxo

1-Do you have a morning routine? Yes, when I am on competition prep I do 3 days a week fasted cardio (which is steady state cardio for 35 minutes on an empty stomach) I typically do my lifting later in the afternoon!

2-What do you suggest to maintain daily motivation in life? Take pictures, LOTS of them! Sometimes we look at ourselves in the mirror and see the same person, with no changes, but if you take pictures you can see the changes so much better! Also, be positive!! Reaching fitness goals do NOT happen overnight!

3-How many days a week do you work out? 5-6 days, 5 days of lifting weights then I usually have one cardio day and then a rest day!

4-What is your philosophy on diet? NUTRITION is KEY! So many people get it backwards and think if I spend 2 hours in the gym I can eat whatever I want, this is not going to help you reach your goals. If you can maintain a healthy diet you will see better results!

5- What are your tips to maintain balance with family, work and fitness? There are no excuses for not getting a workout in, even if it is 15 minutes of HIIT ( high intensity interval training) everyone has 15 minutes to give to their body everyday! Make it fun! If you have a small baby, use them as a weight haha! I am serious! Hold them and do squats! Its great! If you have busy lifestyle, feel free to reach out to me for an amazing nutrition plan for on the go people, or feel free to checkout my website (

6-how do you train to maintain your body? Can you provide an overview of your training program? I know I have beat it into the ground, but having a great nutrition program has changed my body drastically! I lift weights to produce lean muscle, and do cardio to relieve stress, but keeping a balanced diet (which is the hardest part) is what will change your body the most!

7-can you tell us a little about your business and BLOG? I own Elevate Nutrition, it is a mobile fitness and nutrition company! I personal train local clients, but specialize in online training. I provide my clients with the best nutrition products, meal plans, workout tips and daily motivation!

8- Anything else that you would like to share? Love yourself. Your body is the one thing in life you have complete control over, if you don’t like something about it you can change it! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions! Email: cell # 903-517-4212

Andrea Minski

Top 10 highly effective workout routine secrets from Andrea Minski, bikini body

On this journey to provide trendy and high end products to women that loves fashion, fitness and traveling. I find myself meeting wonderful and inspiring mothers, entrepreneurs and fitness ambassadors. I tought it was a great idea to be able to share in my blog some of their tips and secrets that makes them so successful about what they do.
Andrea Minski, is a mom, wife, journalist, TV host, mompreneur, telemundo personality, Women’s health magazine action HERO and founder of Mujer Balance. Mujer balance is a digital platform dedicated to the 21st century working women. In the blog, you can find tips and secrets to be able to achieve balance in your life. She is a firm believer in maintaining a balance between work, family, and health to achieve happiness in life. Here are a few tips exclusive from her to Catarsis Swimwear that will help you balance life and keep you on good shape:

We are fast approaching the end of summer. School is back in session and we are hurrying to beat the morning traffic once again but that doesn’t mean we stop wanting that bikini body. Who said a bikini body is just for the summer? I think not. My philosophy is why wait until it is beach time to seek or maintain the best body I can have. We should strive for it at all times because what the bikini body represents is a woman who takes care of herself -year round. Important to note; the route to the bikini body kills several birds with one stone. Among other things it relieves every day stress, circumvents depression, improves sleep quality and prevents heart disease. Who wouldn’t want to pursue the route to the bikini body if it does all of that?

I will tell you first hand that it is much easier to maintain a fit, lean body than it is to try and resurrect one every summer. Maintenance eliminates the need for fad diets, food depravation and unnecessary mental stress associated with a negative body image. The truth is when a woman feels good about her body it boosts confidence in other areas of her life. Let us keep in mind that we must have realistic goals and expectations when it comes to the body we seek.

Having said all of that a bikini body doesn’t just happen. To get that body we must eliminate foods that can cause bloating and water retention. Everyone is different so it is advisable to pay attention to your body in order to figure out what your body responds negatively to. A good place to start however, is to eliminate or significantly reduce your salt intake as this leads to water retention. Also cut down on carbonated beverages as the carbonation can cause bloating and make you gassy. Try to eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. That means cutting out or reducing your intake of processed foods most of the time so that you can allow for those days when you want that piece of dessert. A good rule of thumb is to eat clean and healthy 80-90% of the time.

Now that we have the basics covered let’s see how we approach getting started. First, get a bikini and put it on. There are several different types of bikinis on the market. Find one that suits your body type. Once you have on your bikini take a look in the mirror, examine your body in the bikini and identify if there is a particular part of your body you wish to focus on then ask yourself the following questions “Do I want to lose weight?” “Am I happy with my weight and just wish to tighten and/or tone” “Do I want to build muscle and/or see definition?” It is important to ask yourself questions in order to set your goals.

Once you know what you want it is time to figure out how, where and when you will work out. Are you a stay home mom, working outside the house, travelling a lot? Will you be doing a home program, hiring a personal trainer, going to the gym? Will you work out early in the morning before work or before kids wake up, after work, when you have help with the children in the evenings? Never adopt the attitude that you will do it when you can fit it in. This is a recipe for inconsistency that will not yield significant results. MAKE TIME for your exercise. Schedule it just like you would a doctor appointment and turn up for it just the same! I prefer morning workouts as this is the time when my life is the quietest. My days are very busy and trying to fit in the workout later just doesn’t work for me. Find what works for you and stick to it.

I am a working mom. Ideally I prefer to train five to six times a week. Sometimes I get really busy and I cannot make the five or six times but I NEVER train less than 3 times per week. That is the absolute minimum in order to maintain consistency. Typically my strength sessions consist of circuit training that I perform at home either inside or outside depending on the weather. Circuit training burns significantly more calories per session that lifting weight or performing cardio alone as it incorporates both strength and plyometric moves in sequence that build strength, tone and define my body as well as develop my cardiovascular endurance. I also add cardio sessions 2 to 3 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes in the form of running or on the Stairmaster. Choose the mode of cardio you are most comfortable performing for at least a half hour and get some 3-8lb dumbbells to begin with.

Following is one of my at home workout routines that I perform at least 3 times per week for an hour followed by stretching.

Exercise- weight- repetitions
1)Squats- 0- 30
2)Reverse Lunge- 0- 15 each leg
3)Pushups- 0- 15
4)Jump squats- 0- 30-60 seconds
5)DB Bent over row- 8 lbs- 15
6)Bicep curls- 8 lbs- 30-60 seconds
7)Triceps ext- 15 lbs- 30-60 seconds
8)Up down planks- 0- seconds
9)Side planks- 0- 30 seconds each side
10)Burpees- 0- 30-60 seconds

I go through the cycle 3 to 4 times with minimal rest between exercises. At the end of the cycle I take a 1-2 minute rest and then repeat. This is what my week of exercise looks like:

Day- Training
Monday- Circuit training
Tuesday- Cardio
Wednesday- Circuit training
Thursday- Cardio
Friday- Circuit training
Saturday- Cardio
Sunday- Rest

If you are just beginning, start slowly. Use bands, light weight or no weight at all. If you have never run before start by power walking and work your way up to running by first running in intervals. Last, but not least, it is important to perform these exercises with your body in the proper position in order to avoid injury. I suggest you seek some professional advice and medical clearance prior to embarking on a strength training program.

The bikini body is a visual manifestation of the commitment, dedication and sacrifice the woman has made to herself. The early morning when it is still dark outside, the stop at the gym after a hard day at work or a trip to the basement on minimal sleep before the children are awake. Wherever you are in your life. with some determination, consistency and a little hard work you CAN have that bikini body — all year round!

Radiant Orchid color

What color really means to your emotions!

Color is the most immediate element of art. It stimulates the sense of smell, touch, sound, emotions and opens doors to memories. Color is a harmonious natural system that exists everywhere in the sky, nature and in our body. We learn to express color in our clothing, art, make up and hair.
Radiant orchid 2014 color of the year, “reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark imagination” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone color institute. “An invitation to innovation, Radiant orchid encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society.”
For those of you looking to inspire confidence, joy, love and health; Radiant orchid will radiate that through your clothing. Also, it radiates on the skin, producing a healthy glow.
Enjoy my inspiration collage to intrigue your imagination and radiate a sense of wellbeing. Happy Wednesday!

blog entry winter shopping

8 reasons to splurge into designer swimwear off-season

1- Special price guaranteed on selected styles.
2- Fashion is now responding to an international market which is no longer dominated by seasons and segmentations. Brand leaders are now focusing closely on the emergence of new and changing life styles and adapting their products.
3- Travel and sunny beaches are more and more accessible therefore beachwear is evolving into holiday wardrobes.
4- Our lines are limited edition every season, you don’t want to miss out having the most beautiful unique piece in your wardrobe that no one else will ever have.
5- We understand how hard it is for a consumer to find beautiful swimwear for a holiday or cruise winter vacation, therefore, we want to make sure to have amazing suits for you all year round.
6- Special request availability.
7- By purchasing swimwear with us you are not only fulfilling your desires, but you are also helping kids. This year, we are proudly donating to a local foster care foundation “ Foundation for foster children”. To learn more visit
8- Our client is a trendsetter women with a gypsetter lifestyle that wears a chic bikini on her trips around the world to unique destinations all year round.

Bikini Giveaway, spread the love!

Hello World! I wanted to share with you, this wonderful opportunity to win one of our most exclusive bikinis from Kalimera Collection. The winner will be announced October 10th. Please follow the steps below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to qualify for the giveaway.

STEP1: Repost this photo.
STEP2: #catarsiswimwear
STEP3: Tag 3 friends

Happy Winning!!!

blog pics

9 ways to look great in a bikini regardless of your body shape

Individuality is the modern definition of beauty and style. This is a very exciting time to develop individual style since modern society supports the pursuit of individuality with more options for self-expression. Also, through individual style we are learning to value and enjoy our differences when it comes to beauty. Here are my recommendations based on your body characteristics:
1-Ample bust
A dark solid color at the top of the suit with a pattern at the bottom will draw the eye down.
Sturdy straps and full coverage at the neckline and armholes will add support.

2-Smaller chest
Bright colors, V-necklines, prints or diagonal stripes across the chest area will visually enhance your chest. Accessories such as beads, ruffles, buckles and padded bikini cups will also help.

3-Large Tummy/Waist
Thin stripes or color blocking at the waist can create the illusion of a slimmer center.
High-waisted bikini bottoms may also the eye from the abdomen.
Use neutral dark colors and solid colors.
Use diagonals in the design to create an impression of a narrower waist

4-Long torso
Look for suits offered in long torso sizes.
High waist bikini bottoms will create the illusion of a shorter torso.

5-Large hips and thighs
Look for suits with vertical patterns and stripes, or suits that feature a bright color at the chest
and a darker color below to draw attention away from the lower body
Higher cut leg openings can also create a slimming illusion
Tankini style tops with square neck will draw the attention away from your hips

6-Short legs
Wear high cut plain bottoms.

7-Wide shoulders
Avoid halter neck tops.
Use solid colors on the top and print/bright colors on the bottom to detract attention.

8-Narrow shoulders
Princess cut top or halter style to broaden the shoulders.
Wear tops with wide straps.
Create volume and attention on shoulders with padding, ruffles or embellishments.

9-Narrow hips
Use low-leg styles, like hipster bottoms or hot pants.
use accessories on the hips like strings, belt, beads, bows, rings or ruffles.
Create volume with ruffles or gathers.

Everyone has the potential to look great in swimwear. Recognizing your beauty is just a matter of perspective.