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Behind the looks of a winner athlete


Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough time to reach those extra goals and activities outside your normal routine? The good news is, we all face the same obstacles in one way or the other. What do some people do different than others? Top level athletes, successful business people and achievers in all fields all set goals. They are just as busy and tired as we are. They set organized routines, they have perseverance and they envision clear personal goal settings. Setting goals gives you a long term vision and short term motivation. It focuses your activities and helps you organize your time and resources better.
Today, I spoke to Nikki Guidish. Find out how she manages her life successfully! Enjoy …

1.) DAILY ROUTINE: Most of my mornings are fairly hectic just trying to make it to my classes on time, but i always make sure I squeeze breakfast in! Weather I’m eating while I throw on my make-up, running to the car, driving to school , as long as i eat it, I know I’ll perform better both physically and mentally the rest of the day!
2.) SHORT TERM GOAL SETTING: What I’ve found works great for me is making a list of short term goals for the day. As I mentioned, I have a very hectic schedule and can get overwhelmed easily if i think of EVERYTHING I need to accomplish during the day in one snapshot in my head! But when I break it down into a list of individual tasks that need to be done, I cross them off one at a time- and before I know it, I’ve completed everything on the list, and most importantly, stressed over nothing! And as we all know- there is not so much as ONE benefit derived from stress- so do yourself a favor and eliminate it from your life!
3.) WORK OUT ROUTINE: I try to get some type of workout in every day. Mainly because it gives me more energy to get through each day! Ideally, 5 days a week I like to get full gym workouts in and give my body 2 days of lighter workouts to let my muscles recoup.
4.) PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: I believe in moderation. Being too strict with your diet can cause you to self sabotage. Everybody is going to cheat a little or binge from time to time, and you need to know that it’s not the end of the world if you do! Don’t let that start you on a downward, out of control spiral. The most important thing is you get back in the game and keep moving forward. Those extra calories you splurged on will be burned off in one or two workouts so don’t waste time feeling bad about it!
5.) BALANCE: Show me a happy person, and I’ll show you a person who has learned to fit a little bit of everything on their plate and can enjoy a taste of each item on it! Fill your plate with only one or two different items and I guarantee you’re going to get sick of them in a hurry! Make sure family, friends, fitness, work and whatever else is important to you has a spot on your plate and you’ll be able to enjoy all life has to offer you!
6.) FITNESS: I’ve always been a fan of the fit, but not too muscular physique, but recently I’ve been kicking around the idea of putting a little more muscle on. I was fortunate to compete in the 2014 Tampa Pro last year and placed first in novice and 2nd in short division (I’m 5’4″). I prepared my workout routines, so i would have the long, lean muscular look and fortunately, that is what the judges were looking for and it paid off. In the next few months, I’ll be entering a few more tournaments as I need one more win to get my pro bikini card. I’m thinking I may change my look and go a bit more muscular in these tournaments and see what happens. This will require a change-up in my eating and workout routines. My calorie count will be going up as well as my max weight lifting loads- but that’s the fun part of fitness! You’re like a piece of clay and you can sculpt yourself however you see fit!! If i don’t feel comfortable with this new look, I can change my diet and workout routine as many times as i need to to get the look I’m happy with!
7.) LIFE: I’m studying Pharmacology at USF and have 3 more years of graduate school before I will receive my degree as a Pharmacist. The class workloads are very demanding and leave me little free time, but I feel if i put in the time and effort now, I’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of having a great career for the rest of my life.
8.) I feel that I have been very blessed with great family and friends and opportunities to work with such great and talented companies as Catarsis Swimwear. Thank you so much for allowing me to model your incredible line of swimwear- you are an amazing wife, mother and entrepreneur- you are the epitome of balance!!! xoxo

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