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Most Effective Diet and Workout Routine from the Expert, Lauren Beers!

laura beers

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of working with bikini competitor, personal trainer and business owner at Elevate Nutrition, Lauren Beers. While we were working, I was able to get some information from her, about her goals and tips to keep a healthy and toned body. Whether you are preparing for a competition or just want to keep healthy habits in life. These tips will help you achieve fitness and health goals.
In the upcoming year, if you see a poster with Lauren wearing Catarsis swimwear in the street, don’t be surprised. She has been selected as our new campaign girl for 2014-2015. Check out her interview and let us know what you think! xoxo

1-Do you have a morning routine? Yes, when I am on competition prep I do 3 days a week fasted cardio (which is steady state cardio for 35 minutes on an empty stomach) I typically do my lifting later in the afternoon!

2-What do you suggest to maintain daily motivation in life? Take pictures, LOTS of them! Sometimes we look at ourselves in the mirror and see the same person, with no changes, but if you take pictures you can see the changes so much better! Also, be positive!! Reaching fitness goals do NOT happen overnight!

3-How many days a week do you work out? 5-6 days, 5 days of lifting weights then I usually have one cardio day and then a rest day!

4-What is your philosophy on diet? NUTRITION is KEY! So many people get it backwards and think if I spend 2 hours in the gym I can eat whatever I want, this is not going to help you reach your goals. If you can maintain a healthy diet you will see better results!

5- What are your tips to maintain balance with family, work and fitness? There are no excuses for not getting a workout in, even if it is 15 minutes of HIIT ( high intensity interval training) everyone has 15 minutes to give to their body everyday! Make it fun! If you have a small baby, use them as a weight haha! I am serious! Hold them and do squats! Its great! If you have busy lifestyle, feel free to reach out to me for an amazing nutrition plan for on the go people, or feel free to checkout my website (

6-how do you train to maintain your body? Can you provide an overview of your training program? I know I have beat it into the ground, but having a great nutrition program has changed my body drastically! I lift weights to produce lean muscle, and do cardio to relieve stress, but keeping a balanced diet (which is the hardest part) is what will change your body the most!

7-can you tell us a little about your business and BLOG? I own Elevate Nutrition, it is a mobile fitness and nutrition company! I personal train local clients, but specialize in online training. I provide my clients with the best nutrition products, meal plans, workout tips and daily motivation!

8- Anything else that you would like to share? Love yourself. Your body is the one thing in life you have complete control over, if you don’t like something about it you can change it! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions! Email: cell # 903-517-4212

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