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Radiant Orchid color

What color really means to your emotions!

Color is the most immediate element of art. It stimulates the sense of smell, touch, sound, emotions and opens doors to memories. Color is a harmonious natural system that exists everywhere in the sky, nature and in our body. We learn to express color in our clothing, art, make up and hair.
Radiant orchid 2014 color of the year, “reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark imagination” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone color institute. “An invitation to innovation, Radiant orchid encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society.”
For those of you looking to inspire confidence, joy, love and health; Radiant orchid will radiate that through your clothing. Also, it radiates on the skin, producing a healthy glow.
Enjoy my inspiration collage to intrigue your imagination and radiate a sense of wellbeing. Happy Wednesday!

blog entry winter shopping

8 reasons to splurge into designer swimwear off-season

1- Special price guaranteed on selected styles.
2- Fashion is now responding to an international market which is no longer dominated by seasons and segmentations. Brand leaders are now focusing closely on the emergence of new and changing life styles and adapting their products.
3- Travel and sunny beaches are more and more accessible therefore beachwear is evolving into holiday wardrobes.
4- Our lines are limited edition every season, you don’t want to miss out having the most beautiful unique piece in your wardrobe that no one else will ever have.
5- We understand how hard it is for a consumer to find beautiful swimwear for a holiday or cruise winter vacation, therefore, we want to make sure to have amazing suits for you all year round.
6- Special request availability.
7- By purchasing swimwear with us you are not only fulfilling your desires, but you are also helping kids. This year, we are proudly donating to a local foster care foundation “ Foundation for foster children”. To learn more visit
8- Our client is a trendsetter women with a gypsetter lifestyle that wears a chic bikini on her trips around the world to unique destinations all year round.

Bikini Giveaway, spread the love!

Hello World! I wanted to share with you, this wonderful opportunity to win one of our most exclusive bikinis from Kalimera Collection. The winner will be announced October 10th. Please follow the steps below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to qualify for the giveaway.

STEP1: Repost this photo.
STEP2: #catarsiswimwear
STEP3: Tag 3 friends

Happy Winning!!!

blog pics

9 ways to look great in a bikini regardless of your body shape

Individuality is the modern definition of beauty and style. This is a very exciting time to develop individual style since modern society supports the pursuit of individuality with more options for self-expression. Also, through individual style we are learning to value and enjoy our differences when it comes to beauty. Here are my recommendations based on your body characteristics:
1-Ample bust
A dark solid color at the top of the suit with a pattern at the bottom will draw the eye down.
Sturdy straps and full coverage at the neckline and armholes will add support.

2-Smaller chest
Bright colors, V-necklines, prints or diagonal stripes across the chest area will visually enhance your chest. Accessories such as beads, ruffles, buckles and padded bikini cups will also help.

3-Large Tummy/Waist
Thin stripes or color blocking at the waist can create the illusion of a slimmer center.
High-waisted bikini bottoms may also the eye from the abdomen.
Use neutral dark colors and solid colors.
Use diagonals in the design to create an impression of a narrower waist

4-Long torso
Look for suits offered in long torso sizes.
High waist bikini bottoms will create the illusion of a shorter torso.

5-Large hips and thighs
Look for suits with vertical patterns and stripes, or suits that feature a bright color at the chest
and a darker color below to draw attention away from the lower body
Higher cut leg openings can also create a slimming illusion
Tankini style tops with square neck will draw the attention away from your hips

6-Short legs
Wear high cut plain bottoms.

7-Wide shoulders
Avoid halter neck tops.
Use solid colors on the top and print/bright colors on the bottom to detract attention.

8-Narrow shoulders
Princess cut top or halter style to broaden the shoulders.
Wear tops with wide straps.
Create volume and attention on shoulders with padding, ruffles or embellishments.

9-Narrow hips
Use low-leg styles, like hipster bottoms or hot pants.
use accessories on the hips like strings, belt, beads, bows, rings or ruffles.
Create volume with ruffles or gathers.

Everyone has the potential to look great in swimwear. Recognizing your beauty is just a matter of perspective.

MML partnership with Catarsis Swimwear

Miss Mundo LatinaThis year, Catarsis Swimwear made official its partnership with Miss Mundo Latina. The official bathing suits and cover ups were selected. “Kea Suit” and “Milos Sarong” are the chosen pieces to represent Latin beauty worldwide. This year will mark the tenth anniversary of the MML US pageant. Be there to see the contestants of the Miss Mundo Latina US Pageant on July 19, 2014 at 8 pm at the Double tree Hotel Universal Studios, Citrus crown Ballroom and make sure you wear your formal gown for the special night! More details: