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Top 10 highly effective workout routine secrets from Andrea Minski, bikini body

Andrea Minski

On this journey to provide trendy and high end products to women that loves fashion, fitness and traveling. I find myself meeting wonderful and inspiring mothers, entrepreneurs and fitness ambassadors. I tought it was a great idea to be able to share in my blog some of their tips and secrets that makes them so successful about what they do.
Andrea Minski, is a mom, wife, journalist, TV host, mompreneur, telemundo personality, Women’s health magazine action HERO and founder of Mujer Balance. Mujer balance is a digital platform dedicated to the 21st century working women. In the blog, you can find tips and secrets to be able to achieve balance in your life. She is a firm believer in maintaining a balance between work, family, and health to achieve happiness in life. Here are a few tips exclusive from her to Catarsis Swimwear that will help you balance life and keep you on good shape:

We are fast approaching the end of summer. School is back in session and we are hurrying to beat the morning traffic once again but that doesn’t mean we stop wanting that bikini body. Who said a bikini body is just for the summer? I think not. My philosophy is why wait until it is beach time to seek or maintain the best body I can have. We should strive for it at all times because what the bikini body represents is a woman who takes care of herself -year round. Important to note; the route to the bikini body kills several birds with one stone. Among other things it relieves every day stress, circumvents depression, improves sleep quality and prevents heart disease. Who wouldn’t want to pursue the route to the bikini body if it does all of that?

I will tell you first hand that it is much easier to maintain a fit, lean body than it is to try and resurrect one every summer. Maintenance eliminates the need for fad diets, food depravation and unnecessary mental stress associated with a negative body image. The truth is when a woman feels good about her body it boosts confidence in other areas of her life. Let us keep in mind that we must have realistic goals and expectations when it comes to the body we seek.

Having said all of that a bikini body doesn’t just happen. To get that body we must eliminate foods that can cause bloating and water retention. Everyone is different so it is advisable to pay attention to your body in order to figure out what your body responds negatively to. A good place to start however, is to eliminate or significantly reduce your salt intake as this leads to water retention. Also cut down on carbonated beverages as the carbonation can cause bloating and make you gassy. Try to eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. That means cutting out or reducing your intake of processed foods most of the time so that you can allow for those days when you want that piece of dessert. A good rule of thumb is to eat clean and healthy 80-90% of the time.

Now that we have the basics covered let’s see how we approach getting started. First, get a bikini and put it on. There are several different types of bikinis on the market. Find one that suits your body type. Once you have on your bikini take a look in the mirror, examine your body in the bikini and identify if there is a particular part of your body you wish to focus on then ask yourself the following questions “Do I want to lose weight?” “Am I happy with my weight and just wish to tighten and/or tone” “Do I want to build muscle and/or see definition?” It is important to ask yourself questions in order to set your goals.

Once you know what you want it is time to figure out how, where and when you will work out. Are you a stay home mom, working outside the house, travelling a lot? Will you be doing a home program, hiring a personal trainer, going to the gym? Will you work out early in the morning before work or before kids wake up, after work, when you have help with the children in the evenings? Never adopt the attitude that you will do it when you can fit it in. This is a recipe for inconsistency that will not yield significant results. MAKE TIME for your exercise. Schedule it just like you would a doctor appointment and turn up for it just the same! I prefer morning workouts as this is the time when my life is the quietest. My days are very busy and trying to fit in the workout later just doesn’t work for me. Find what works for you and stick to it.

I am a working mom. Ideally I prefer to train five to six times a week. Sometimes I get really busy and I cannot make the five or six times but I NEVER train less than 3 times per week. That is the absolute minimum in order to maintain consistency. Typically my strength sessions consist of circuit training that I perform at home either inside or outside depending on the weather. Circuit training burns significantly more calories per session that lifting weight or performing cardio alone as it incorporates both strength and plyometric moves in sequence that build strength, tone and define my body as well as develop my cardiovascular endurance. I also add cardio sessions 2 to 3 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes in the form of running or on the Stairmaster. Choose the mode of cardio you are most comfortable performing for at least a half hour and get some 3-8lb dumbbells to begin with.

Following is one of my at home workout routines that I perform at least 3 times per week for an hour followed by stretching.

Exercise- weight- repetitions
1)Squats- 0- 30
2)Reverse Lunge- 0- 15 each leg
3)Pushups- 0- 15
4)Jump squats- 0- 30-60 seconds
5)DB Bent over row- 8 lbs- 15
6)Bicep curls- 8 lbs- 30-60 seconds
7)Triceps ext- 15 lbs- 30-60 seconds
8)Up down planks- 0- seconds
9)Side planks- 0- 30 seconds each side
10)Burpees- 0- 30-60 seconds

I go through the cycle 3 to 4 times with minimal rest between exercises. At the end of the cycle I take a 1-2 minute rest and then repeat. This is what my week of exercise looks like:

Day- Training
Monday- Circuit training
Tuesday- Cardio
Wednesday- Circuit training
Thursday- Cardio
Friday- Circuit training
Saturday- Cardio
Sunday- Rest

If you are just beginning, start slowly. Use bands, light weight or no weight at all. If you have never run before start by power walking and work your way up to running by first running in intervals. Last, but not least, it is important to perform these exercises with your body in the proper position in order to avoid injury. I suggest you seek some professional advice and medical clearance prior to embarking on a strength training program.

The bikini body is a visual manifestation of the commitment, dedication and sacrifice the woman has made to herself. The early morning when it is still dark outside, the stop at the gym after a hard day at work or a trip to the basement on minimal sleep before the children are awake. Wherever you are in your life. with some determination, consistency and a little hard work you CAN have that bikini body — all year round!

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