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Trendy Summer Patriotic Style Guide

4th of july style guide

For our trendy summer patriotic style guide this 4th of july,we recommend layering with red, blue and white. We encourage you to explore new possibilities outside the typical flag outfit. How about this Kea Suit representing the fire works of the independence day! Perfect for a pool party or beach side bbq.

Location is key when choosing your outfit. Whether you are spending your day watching the fire works with your friends/family, hosting a pool party or going for a beach bbq. The key is to have a comfy effortless option that reflects your pride, personality and style. One of my favorite options is wearing a flowing dress paired with a trendy bikini like our Bali monokini or Cabo suit. You don’t have to be so literal, so choosing shades of red and blue will always reflect the patriotic side on you. You can always add flag or star details on your accessories to make it more chic while always keeping a good balance. If you are all about wearing flag accessories, a good idea will be to wear a white dress or top and pair it with the flag accessories or coordinates.

Here are some ideas!

What are you wearing this weekend? Share your ideas here!

Happy Independence Day! Xoxo

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